The impact of operational effectiveness

Operational effectiveness maximises the value your organisation gets from your human and technological resources. It is crucial to establish and extend best operational practices throughout your projects and workforce; it is not about doing things how they have always been done.

The key resource within the construction industry is the human being; optimising their performance will ensure continued development and growth for the organisation and the industry as a whole.

Human Performance

It starts with culture

Every person needs to be engaged and empowered to make decisions, and to speak up when something isn’t right.

We need to create a culture where safety critical communication is clear and collaboration is encouraged.

Not just that; we need a culture where people don’t fear making mistakes.

It’s a culture where humans are expected to get things wrong.

Boosting human performance to go beyond expectations

Building your Operational Effectiveness

We develop the critical skills involved with this decision making process at both a team and individual level. Your people are provided with tools that they can use tomorrow to help identify high risks and manage any threats and errors that they face.

In order to boost your operational effectiveness and human performance, we can run a single day awareness course across your organisation to educate your workers on their relationship with risk. We also design bespoke journeys based on our Human Performance approach to maximise the value and effectiveness of your employees and project through a diagnostic tool, workshops and blended learning.

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