Case Study: UK Sport

Key objectives
> To fast track former world class athletes on their journey to becoming a world class coach
> To develop the foundation coaching skills and knowledge in order to become effective when working with high performance athletes and support staff
> To work closely with the NGBs in order to provide the sport specific support needed to make this transition to a world class coach
> To introduce coaches to cross sport and interdisciplinary ways of working
To provide the skills to facilitate learning and reactive practice to allow the coach to continuously evolve their coaching practice

Programme aims and longevity:
Cleartrack have proudly been part of the delivery team of the programme, which is now in its third year. The A2C programme is now established as a respected and core programme in developing future sports Leaders and coaching within the system, from coaching podium potential to gold medalist inning athletes.

Mark was my mentor as part of the UK Sport Performance Leaders Programme which ran over an 18 month period.  From the initial contact at the start of the programme, I got a real sense that Mark is genuinely interested in me as a person and helping my journey as a leader.

Mark is not only exceptionally good at asking permeant questions that make you hear yourself better and give clarity to direction and decision making, he is also caring and authentic which helped me open up and discuss some intimate things that was happening in my life.  Mark helped me work through a challenging period both personally and professionally through building my confidence, giving reassurance and making me underhand myself better.  It is because of Mark that I found myself again and have real direction on my career path in the future.

Performance Director, UK Sport

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