Kirsty Jackson

Project Manager and Resourcing Oversight

Kirsty Jackson

Thriving at the nerve centre of operations

I am Kirsty Jackson, and I come to Cleartrack Performance with over 15 years’ experience in operations management and administration support.

I have been privileged to work across many different sectors throughout my career. Each sector has, in some way, touched on many of my childhood dreams of being a palaeontologist, archaeologist, artist, film star and many more. I have studied archaeology at University College London, psychology at University of East London and art at a college in Norfolk. I did not land in any of these careers but have had incredible experiences which shape who I am both in my career and as a person.

Throughout much of my career, I have been the person behind the scenes, the nerve centre at the core of a successful operation, and this is where I thrive. I enjoy supporting excellent teams to achieve excellent things. This is what I love about working with Cleartrack Performance.

When I’m not at work with Cleartrack, I can mostly be found being noisy and silly with my two children, or being very quiet, knitting or sewing something for someone to wear.

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