Our Ethos

Cleartrack is committed to supporting and developing leaders, team and organisations through coaching and leadership programmes that help them bridge the gap between strategy and desired behaviour.

Our pedigree of work in and with elite sporting, military, risk and corporate organisations gives us a desire to help individual and teams realise their potential.

We believe anyone can step up…

Find the challenge
Find the courage
Find the skills
Find flow

Our Coaching Principles

Industry Intelligence

We believe that to thrive in your industry you must have a well developed expertise and knowledge of the world you want to command.

Planning and industry benchmarking

Has a clear benchmark for where they are in the industry and can articulate what “great” looks like in their world.
Continually monitors progress and assists the people around them to challenge and learn.
Creates a shared mental model of what success is.

Creates a learning environment

Uses key knowledge and factors that underpin great performance, coaching the team on how to self adjust and adapt accordingly.
Creates training scenarios and environments for the team to learn in, asks “what if…” facilitates team and self learning for future events.

Strategic intelligence

Has an adaptable plans within a coherent vision and mission that all team members understand.
Continually scans the horizons for threats and opportunities, remains open, because “what got us here, won’t get us there”


We help to develop leaders in knowing who they are, what they stand for and the impact that they have on others.The workplace is fast moving and ever changing, therefore our Leaders must have the capabilities, resources and skills to work in this ever demanding world.

Self awareness

Knowing personal strengths and weaknesses, understanding how their behaviour has an impact on others.
Clarity of personal values and understadning of one s own authenticity. Acting and behaving with consistency which is aligned to own individual character and personality.

Drive and ambition

Continuous learner with a growth mindset, learns from success and failures.
Can confront challenges with courage
Uses personal energy and can maintain a disciplined focus. Can fin “flow” in their own world of work.

Personal resilience and management

Understands themselves under pressure and how they react internally and externally.
Identifies and overcomes difficulties quickly, learning from the experience.
Self reflective (with journaling) to review and enhance own work.
Monitors own performance and is receptive to feedback to improve self.

Performance Leadership

In our experience the most effective leaders and coaches take responsibility to create an environment and culture where their teams are clear, empowered and can act decisively.

Clarity of vision and goals

Provides direction, communicates clearly, aligning collective needs and agendas.
Builds buy in, gets the entire team behind the process with enthusiasm and commitment.
Manages a range of stakeholder relationships effectively in support of the collective outcome

Effective empowerment

Provides challenging opportunities for other to succeed and grow.
Builds a culture of learning, responsibility and ownership through stretch experiences.
Enables other to act brilliantly to their unique skill set and style, by giving them enough freedom.
Pull more than push.

Decision making and dealing with uncertainty

Uses a range of decision making tools with the team and ways of thinking to break down problems and challenging.
Encourages the team to maintain “situation awareness” when under pressure and in times of pressure.
Adapts and embraces complexity, uncertainty and maintains a forward movement in any given situation.


Leaders and their teams need to function with effective and sustainable interactions and connection in order to accomplish team success.

Trust and rapport

Creating confidence, courage and belief in others and generating assurance.
Creates an environment of mutual respect that can generate the sharing of ideas and effective place for all team members to think and act without fear.
Demonstrates consistency.


Pulls the team and inter- teams together under and collective purpose and set of goals.
Engages, supports and facilitates the needs of the whole team.
Manages conflict, ego and difficult conversations effectively.


Asks questions to understand the whole picture and perspectives.
Finds common ground for win-win outcomes.
Gains commitment through a varied style of communicating.