Case Study: Chevron

Cleartrack have been engaged with Chevron, the UK’s most successful traffic management business, to drive change through effective Leadership. Our programmes involve Coaching and Leadership development through all levels of operational Leadership.

Programme objectives:

Leadership is about responsibility not authority. Develop a sense of “I represent the whole company/team”, develop a sense of company pride and increase safety standards.
Embed the “Chevron Way” culture and identity throughout the business.
Fundamentally develop Leadership and coaching skills throughout the business.
Identify people for the future. Develop a Leadership pipeline.
Planning skills, development of consistent SOPs, effective communication skills, simplify to improve efficiency.

Key interventions and feedback scores

The following delegate feedback scores (out of 5) have been averaged out over the modules. Questions related to effectiveness, impact and relevance to the delegates leadership roles.


Operations managers 5 module programme

4.9 Average

Supervisors 3 module programme

4.7 Average

Foremen 2 module programme

4.7 Average

Thanks for taking the time to come and start off our Leadership training.
The course was fantastic. Never before have I taken so much from any course I have been on. The skills will definitely help me in my work at Chevron, as well as other aspects of my life.
Mark and Paul delivered a fun, interesting and informative course. The tasks were fun, Paul’s talk about his trip to the south pole was very interesting and all the information given to us was in an easy to understand format.
As for our team, all of us stepped up or back when needed, took control of tasks or just listened as required. There were no ego battles, everybody got along and got involved.
I made it a task of mine to make sure I spoke with everyone in our team, as a lot of them I had never met before – only talked with on the phone or via email.
I can honestly say they all are really good people, they hold the same values as myself and I can see why they all hold the positions they do.
As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed the last 2 days and I’m already looking forward to the next module.

Chevron Employee, Chevron

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