Agreed they developed skills to help them with the challenges in their role


Agreed that facilitators kept them engaged and supported the group


Agreed the course used relevant insights that will assist them in their job

The Cost of Pressure and Performance

WJ’s Chargehands were facing increasing challenges and demands whilst out on the road. Their crews were always under pressure to deliver their outputs for the projects, and it was beginning to feel as though it was “at all costs”; including the cost of safety and relationships with other crews and trades. 

The Chargehands are critical to the performance of any project. They are seen as the linchpin for maintaining operational standards and driving delivery success. It is vital that they are supported in leading their people effectively as well as keeping their crews safe. WJ saw a need to build capabilities around communication and conflict to support the Chargehands in their relationships externally with clients, but also on site with their crews.

WJ also wanted to ensure their 4 cultural pillars were being lived and celebrated across the Chargehand population; Delivery, Safety, Innovation and Collaboration.

Developing leadership to drive safety practices in construction

Our Solution

We created a highly experiential 4 day learning journey consisting of 2 modules to bring to life the Human Performance skills the Chargehands needed to develop. 

The objectives of the programme were to;

  • Develop Chargehands as leaders on the road
  • Build their skills and competencies to accelerate the development of their team
  • Role-model safety critical behaviours to exhibit safety excellence
  • Develop communication skills
  • Create an environment of growth and improvement

More than this, we wanted to ensure Chargehands were well equipped to manage their own stress and fatigue, and had an awareness of how this can impact their decision making. 

Over the course of the programme, we focused on their situational awareness, leadership skills, teamwork capabilities and decision making. Issues and barriers were brought to life through case studies, and the Chargehands were taken through a number of visceral experiences to boost their learning and memory recall. 

Changing their lives

The impact of the programme was immediate. All of the attendees that took part in the evaluation of the programme agreed or strongly agreed that they were provided with skills that could immediately support them in meeting challenges within their role.

Paul, one of the Chargehands, went so far as to state that the skills he learned would not only help him professionally, but in his personal life too.

The Chargehands left the course having been challenged in their thinking and supported by Cleartrack’s facilitator’s in re-calibrating their behaviours. Lee, another Chargehand, believed that everyone would be going away looking at difficult situations and problems in a new and more effective way.

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