Oliver Hamlet

Psychologist and Human Factors Consultant

Oliver Hamlet

Hey, I’m Oliver. I’m an applied psychologist and human factors consultant.

Originally interested in mental health, my journey towards human performance started about midway through my psychology degree at the University of Aberdeen, when I became fascinated by the ways in which human performance could be facilitated in the working environment.

Understanding what constitutes high-level performance became a passion for me – so much so that I’ve spent the last six years conducting research into human performance in high-risk environments, such as helicopter transport and search and rescue operations, over the course of a PhD.

As a psychologist, I believe that high-level performance can only be achieved by accepting human variability and constructing systems in which that variability can be facilitated to present extraordinary performance, whilst cushioning against those inevitable bad days that we all face. Under the right conditions we can all succeed; developing those conditions on an individual and organisational level is how. As a human factors consultant, I step in to help make this process a reality.

Away from psychology I can be found playing guitar, falling off rock climbing walls, or trying to make conversation with the various dogs that cross my path.

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