Mark Soden

Managing Director

Mark Soden

I’m Mark, formerly a professional sportsman, with a love for how teams work, come together and become better. My  days as a pro rugby player at Northampton Saints led to a deep interest in what made leaders, teams and culture the best they could be, leading me to work in Military organisations, in multiple high risk industries (Energy, Shipping, Construction), to continue in the world of professional sport and in the corporate world. I have been lucky to work with many wonderful (and some less so) leaders and teams in those organisations, learning plenty along the way. The common thread that really fires me up and makes work worthwhile is how do people come to a place where they can really “grab the nettle”, to take the conversation and dynamic to that uncomfortable but important place, in understanding what will make them better, greater.

After running around the world like a lunatic for many years post professional rugby I decided it was time to build a team of people who shared this love and who were much more talented than me.

My dream is to be surrounded by committed, dynamic and caring team members who want to deliver meaningful work to our clients. The feeling of wanting to “run through brick walls” for your team mate is a powerful thing, one I still hold onto after all those years. I founded Cleartrack with that dream which is coming into fruition and I’m proud how far our team has come.

I have a passion for social mobility and the power of providing young people with the right opportunities and skills to bounce (not flop) into adult life, I’m a Patron of the amazing Social Mobility Business Partnership (see our page) and social cause is part of what makes Cleartrack what it is.

Life is full, I’m lucky to have a young family and dog, and in rare moments of down time I enjoy adventures, cycling, socials (still a rugby player at heart) and I pretend to read books.

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