Gemma Wilcox

Project Manager

Gemma Wilcox

Hey, I’m Gemma.

I work in a Project Management/Business Support role at Cleartrack. I love
organising things, helping people, and getting stuck into the detail of things. I thrive on seeing a task through to the end (no matter how tough it may be).

A bit of background …
I decided not to go to university after sixth form and jumped straight into the world of work (mainly to pay for my expensive lawnmower of a horse!). I didn’t particularly enjoy school and I wanted to get some life experience under my belt. I started off doing basic administration and worked my way up from there. I’ve been able to become a Project Manager by remaining motivated and with the help of some fantastic colleagues along the way. It sounds cliché but it really is the people that make a workplace great.

Cleartrack is bursting at the seams with driven and passionate people who like to shake things up
and think outside of the box. I’m very excited to be part of the growing Cleartrack family!

Outside of work …
I am a devoted animal lover so you will find me spending time with my horses or my two collies
(Meg and Nelly). They like to assist me with my stable chores and love nothing more than getting
soggy and muddy!

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