Dan Tiller

Performance Coach

Dan Tiller

I’m Dan Tiller, recently retired from the Metropolitan Police after spending 30 years (that flashed by!) mainly in Armed roles, ending up as UK Specialist Firearms Training Director.

I have always been an advocate of strong teams, from the early 1990s working in a Public Order Unit in the era of Acid House Parties and Poll Tax Riots, then a dabble with Homicide Command and Surveillance before joining Specialist Firearms Dept SO19 in 1995.

This was the beginning of an adventurous journey, sometimes dangerous, sometimes exciting but always challenging. I was fortunate to be twice promoted and retained within ‘the Dept’ and this gave me the opportunity to build my own high performing teams both on Operations and Training. I instructed in various environments and took the best elements from all that I found, working in elite teams in the US, Singapore, Israel and all over Europe. I led teams in the UK running high profile Ops involving President Obama, Pope Benedict and leading Counter Terrorist Teams during the Olympics. In addition, I qualified as a Post Incident Manager, dealing with the aftermath of shootings, supporting the principal officers back to work.

After leaving the Met I worked for the FCO, constructing policing teams in the Caribbean, project managing in Saudi Arabia and designing and running hostile environment training for inexperienced teams working overseas. I joined Cleartrack as an associate in 2021, attracted by the innovative approach of the team and the enthusiasm to succeed.

When not working I play golf, walk with my wife and ‘Ozzie’ my flatcoat retriever. My 2 children are at University and I am trying to emulate them by fitting in an MSc in my spare time!

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