Daisy Emsley


Daisy Emsley

People make me tick

Hi, I’m Daisy Emsley, I’ve been involved with Cleartrack in various guises since its kitchen table inception a number of years ago. ‘People’, in all their forms, really make me tick and prior to Cleartrack, I’m fortunate to have had over 10 years’ experience of working alongside and learning from some of the world’s most sought after thinkers and speakers convening events to share their thoughts, psychologies, ideas and experiences around the capacity to achieve (the many versions of) success.

I’m naturally drawn to support roles and the inner workings of a business or project and throughout my career have thrived on learning from successful people and teams, and bringing interesting people together which is why Cleartrack is such a stimulating team to be a part of.

Away from Cleartrack, I’m lucky to do plenty that I enjoy, but mostly I cherish being a mum to 2 children and walking or running with the dog somewhere as remote as possible.

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