Abi Chamberlain

Senior Consultant

Abi Chamberlain

Environments for performance

I’m Abi Chamberlain, a former recipient of the year 7 Sportsperson of the year award, top goal scorer in up-turned bike park football championships of 1996 and eventual England International Rugby Player and Captain.

Needless to say, sport has played a colossal contribution to my life.

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been able to take my passion for sport and turn it into a career. I don’t remember a time in my life where sport hasn’t played a major role. It was my passion for all things sport that enabled me to take up rugby a little later than most (21). I was able to transfer the skills over from football, basketball, and general tumbling around exploring to allow me to accelerate my path to the international game and eventually a leadership role with the first ever fully professional female set up. Paving the way for those who have followed us is something I am incredibly proud to have had the chance to do.

If one career born out of passion were not enough, I’ve had the good fortune to be able to do it again! Supporting businesses in aligning their people to the vision and goals of their future state, unlocking their people potential to enable them to thrive.

Creating the right environment for people to excel and succeed is as much at the core of a sports team as it is a business. People are unique, and brilliant and given the right environment, will exceed any expectation.

My second career, as with my first, is fuelled by a passion for ensuring that every player that takes to the field, regardless of tenure, status or experience, does so with no doubt of the role they play and the value they add to the vision and goals of the team they represent.

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