Supporting the NHS

It’s no secret that 2020 and 2021 have seen incredible amounts of pressure placed on the NHS and those who work there. In the context of the global pandemic, we were extremely pleased to have the chance to support the Junior Doctors at the Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust. 

Unsurprisingly, Junior Doctors were beginning to feel the impact of the relentlessness of their work. While their formal training goes into incredible depth and detail in technical skills and knowledge, the non-technical skills such as teamwork, resilience and coaching are left alone.

TEWV NHS Trust were also keen to ensure they had fostered a culture of psychological safety, encouraging their staff to speak up and speak out whenever they saw a problem or issue that needed to be resolved.

Supporting Junior Doctors at NHS Foundation Trust

A Fully Virtual Journey

In order to fit in with the busy and fast-paced environment, we developed a fully virtual programme made up of 3 modules. These touchpoints were designed to build the foundations of understanding for Human Factors; providing knowledge and tools needed to make safer decisions, and to avoid, trap and mitigate both threats and errors.  

Over the course of 3 months and 3 modules, we worked with the Junior Doctors over Zoom. We built their own individual and team situational awareness focusing on the performance impact of stress and fatigue, safety critical communications, psychological safety, workload management and the fundamentals of leadership and followership.

Our intention was to keep energy high throughout, using case studies and gamification to maintain engagement across the programme.

Key areas of focus have been;

  • Identifying error likely conditions
  • Graded assertiveness techniques
  • Strategies to manage the impact of stress and fatigue, before, during and after shifts.
  • The role of a leader in creating team psychological safety.
  • Awareness of self and others through communication preferences

Creating psychological safety

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