Kier's Challenge

We were contacted by Kier Highways to create a high impact and immersive event to challenge and shift mindsets and behaviours of the key leaders with Kier and their wider supply chain.

Our key focus at The Kier Highways Conference was ‘Safety Culture’ and how to have a bolder approach towards developing Safety Critical Cultures within our businesses and supply chains. During our 2 hour session we heard about the lessons learnt from high achievers in other Safety Critical high-risk industries: aviation, shipping, elite sport, healthcare, and exploration. Our goal was to inspire us to think differently about how we manage risk, drive improvement and harness innovation, teamwork and leadership.

The Outcome

We generated new thinking by sharing ideas across different professions facing a variety of stresses in their areas of expertise. This was based around short and sharp discussions with significant audience participation (no passive lectures!). The outcome being that each and every participant made a personal commitment to safety in their businesses and industry.

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