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Failing, safely

Each of our people are exceptional and have come to us with a story and a past that shapes who we are. We know what it feels like to win but we have also failed time and time again.

It is this that motivates us. Failing is extremely important to our growth. We want to provide people the space to fail safely.

Our people are what makes us special. They are what makes your business unique too.

We bring our humanity and our humility to transform the experience of your people.

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Developing leadership and team performance



Catch a glimpse of how we create a radical shift in behaviour...


Psychological Safety: the key to performance

11 Nov 2021

Psychological Safety: the key to performance

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The Doughnut Empathy Gap

18 Oct 2021

The Doughnut Empathy Gap

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Collaboration: The Basics

12 Oct 2021

Collaboration: The Basics

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Cleartrack - Driving business performance

"Mark’s ability to take the key tenets of professional sport and metamorphose them in to the world of business was excellent. The measure of the impact of the course was borne out by those who attended who disliked sport; without fail those delegates scored the course as exceptional”

Barry Matthews

Director of Legal and Third Party Sales ITV

Developing leadership to drive safety practices in construction

“Our improved performance has been driven by a combination of safety initiatives and the extensive work we have done to improve leadership behaviours and situational awareness with Cleartrack Performance. The upskilling of our managers, supervisors, foremen and operatives has also supported our continued growth allowing us to expand our operation whilst retaining the Culture that continues to set Chevron apart from its competition”.

Tim Cockayne

CEO, Chevron

Building human factors with your people

“The human factors session on how we can all build and drive a stronger safety culture was just brilliant. This has been the best conference we have delivered…ever.”

Martin Duffy

Collaboration and Improvement Director, Kier

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